Fields of application

Fields of application for point-elastic safety wall covering:
Gymnasiums and multi-functional halls, sports halls, childcare facilities etc.

Here you can find various examples of use

Qualities Classic/ Trend/ Velours 2000 Multicolor - Uni Maxim Rustica
Total thickness approx. 19-20 mm approx. 20 mm approx. 16 mm approx. 18 mm
Panels (*) approx. 0,35 m approx. 0,47 m approx. 0,33 m approx. 0,30 m
  approx. 0,47 m approx. 0,63 m approx. 0,44 m approx. 0,47 m
  approx. 0,73 m approx. 0,96 m approx. 0,68 m approx. 0,96 m
(trimmed edges or
seamed edges)
approx. 1,50 m wide approx. 1,33 m wide approx. 1,40 m wide only panels
Rolls with a length of approx. 20-32 m approx. 20-32 m up to 24,50 m  

*other panel widths available on request, seamed rolls can also be delivered in the shown panel widths.

  • The approx. 15 mm thick homogenous cushion layer made of polyethylene foam is permanently fixed and connected to the upper textile material by means of factory-made heat and flame lamination.

  • KLAPPER anti-shock material can be taped on every solid and dry surface according to the installation instructions using solvent-free adhesive.

  • The upper textile material helps to considerably reduce reverberation time.